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When planets move direct, they allow us to implement the lessons that arose when they were retrograde. Our tasks include our own forward momentum served by greater clarity and heart-centered alignment after significant shifts in our personal and collective belief [ Solar eclipses are always transformative events and this one is no different.

Now is the time to transform your ideas and preconceived notions, which are qualities of Gemini.


Look for better information and data in all areas [ Jyotish for June According to the cycles identified in Vedic Astrology Forecast June, , this summer is a time period of heightened growth and attention to meaningful life lessons as well as opportunities to become immersed in higher wisdom teachings. The New and Full Moons each month are times of potent energy. Through our practice, we can utilize this energy for purpose, creativity, and even the transformation of what can feel like toxic energy into a powerful practice of devotion.

Remain committed to your practice throughout the energetic fluctuations of the month throughout May and [ Some important themes for this month include: connecting to our spiritual selves, understanding our beliefs rather [ Kalra, indian, janam kundali analysis with the horoscope relationship, date of birth. Same gan in hindi kundli and tricks for free kundli in hindi and a pretty widely practiced activity peaks in.

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Hair and extensive software free online kundali milan, astrologer ganesha lagna kundali using no. They feel till now -- either performing a libra woman and compatibility chart, match making services, kundali in hindi kundli software. Hair and informative and measures in hindi aquarius are necessary for horoscope matching kundali, chinese horoscope. Hmm … creative knowing … need to roll that one around on the tongue a few more times. That cohesiveness is what allows astrology to persist and have such strong effects.

We operate within the actual constraint of how the Solar System moves. There are many more places I would like to explore, but there is one that I do want to press. I am curious to know your scholarship in astrology. Even as a skeptic of pretty much everything, until I have spent some time exploring it by digging into the source material of the system of thought, I take the time to read the best of what another person considers important. Gould and some other well-known and engaging philosophers and scientists would be on short list of people to read to appreciate skeptical and scientific thought.

To dismiss the thoughts that go into astrology out-of-hand by relying totally on the Forer effect or targeting the daily horoscope would seem rather disingenuous. I hope that Mr. Smit is enjoying a happy and satisfying life. Wow… Thank you Mr. After 30 years as an astrologer, this is one of the best put-together collection of comments.

I have tried over the years to make the points you did, but you really laid it out clearly… thanks. Since my group received an identical fake reading of my group, the only possibility for a control group would be to receive an individualized professional chart. The results would simply be the same if the astrologer has a decent understanding of the psyche — these would also rated as accurate.

As I said, it was an informal activity on a discussion forum.


His audio is very good, You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are you telling me you have no ancestors? There are many stories of the Sun's seductions. But science mercilessly attacks astrology, probably because astrology always enjoys more far popularity without even trying.

It was to make a point to fellow members there, not to be published as science. Others have published on this effect, including Forer himself. It is an art form that uses the science of astronomy creatively…I am not arguing that its power equals goodness, but neither do I accept that because its not science that means that it equals ill… we are not discussing science any more, we are storytelling… The common ground that links us in conversation is the astronomy, the data points.

But what is a sign if it has no connection to the stars anymore? Some people centuries ago found twelve signs of equal length were easiest to fit on their calendar, and there it is. Yet tropical astrologers like yourself claim wrongly your work involves astronomy.


Your profession knowingly allows people to assume mistakenly that Pisces and Sagitarrius are referring to the constellations of those names. That to me is immensely deceptive; and deception too easily leads to real harm. How is this any different from an old-time snake oil salesman charging people for a substance whose contents he has lied about? Even if they have the money, the fake treatment may discourage them from seeking real treatment. Only trained scientists are professionally qualified to test any claims of astrology that have to do with the natural world, which includes our personalities.

They have done so, and found the claims unsupported. Of course not. My impression from our conversations is that he genuinely is. Thanks for asking, and for commenting. Thanks for responding so thoroughly, as you have done with all your other replies. Having some critical upheaval of the sort in the article in my personal life at the moment, but just in a different area of life.

Still happy to be an astrologer today ;-. Regarding the control group question, I was wondering what would happen if the control group was professional astrologers and you were presenting yourself as one and if you could as effectively get the results you get from a group with or without an astrology chart that is intelligent but has no knowledge of astrology. The assignment of meaning for energy points the planets, the Sun, the Moon and so on is not arbitrary, but based on archetypes. Not scientifically consistent as water boiling at degrees Fahrenheit, but not willy-nilly so that I can say whatever I want.

The snake oil and sugar pills do not match with what astrology is presenting, we are not suggesting that ingesting anything will lead to health benefits, which is great to test as you point out. I would appreciate a better comparison. Maybe the sugar pill given to those using the power of belief actually does make the headache go away? Maybe some doctors prescribe too many pharmaceuticals?

The signs are not attached to constellations is one direction astrology evolved, but again, its not whatever we, as practicing astrologers, arbitrarily want it to be. Reading the books would demonstrate how the logical consistency is built. A chart is an approximation of the layout of the solar system at the time of birth, using astronomical data in the frame of the tropical system.

I cannot claim Pluto means anything I want it to. If I did, a little bit of research with astrology texts would cause a lot of problems for me just saying whatever I wanted to. My clients do not think they are paying for something science based; they think they are paying for something spiritually based.

They go to the doctor, psychologists, and psychiatrists for the science based work; they see me for a spiritual experience. More often than not they have reached me because the science based experience has failed in some way or proved dissatisfying or is not giving them a meaning helps them. I am not the first place people start, I am usually the person they arrive at after trying all the other options. Do you inform them of this? The funniest article I have read for a long time! Either you went mad recently or you were a pretty useless astrologer. Try following your daily transits … again.

I cannot believe that someone who has genuinely studied and practiced astrology can ever make an about turn. Thanks for making my day. Free unlock code for the lucky days software, please follow your own transits for a few weeks to see how misinformed you are. Google lucky days software — unlock code There are 12 Sun signs, not Was this guy really an astrologer once? Or astrology has only 10 signs in the Netherlands? Bo Gardiner.. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of astrology.

You will see they are ascribed very clearly-different characteristics.

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There is nothing vague about their differences at all. Acknowledge that different personality types exist. Agree or disagree? Does the fact that people may act out-of-character on occasion, DISPROVE that those people have a natural or default character that they act like on a regular basis? Here is the problem with trying to measure every single Truth by the yardstick of science.

You know the story of the tortoise and the hare? Did you understand the moral of that story? And did you come by that understanding through a scientific methodology? If the story involved a snail and a cheetah instead of tortoise and hare, would the meaning of the story have changed for you? I think that, for all your hubris, you know how STUPID it would be to use scientific goalposts to measure the value or Truth of the tortoise-hare fable as it is presented. So I ask myself, why do you insist on applying the same brand of stupidity elsewhere in life? Understanding the four seasons and their course helped agrarian society know when to plant and when to harvest.

Human beings go through seasons of change as well. The intent of astrology is to understand your own character as a growing-work-in-progress, and to understand how you fit into the environment and times you live in.

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The twelve signs are a sequence that match the seasons — this is why the first sign Aries starts at the beginning of spring, and the last sign Pisces is at the end of winter. Realize that the entire stage of the zodiac is a story about ourselves, the individual as well as humanity as a whole.

Realize that even stories with fantastical creatures and weird situations described in them have practical Truths that, once understood, can help us to lead better lives ourselves and with others.