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When there is a rough day, there is also a resolute on how to work through it.

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I have a handful of friends now on this app. Some will make their horoscope visible and others will not. Either way, the accuracy on their readings is the same as mine, spot on. If you believe in the stars, I highly recommend this app! If you have uncertainty, on the basis of the stars knowing your feelings or encounters and are unsure of believing, I recommend this app!

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Astrology forecast for Aries the Ram: today's horoscope, as well as monthly, Mercury's retrograde turn on the 31st is another reason to slow down and review. Your daily horoscope VERY LEGIT. ARIES: You tend to be headstrong and deliberate in your actions. Basically you don't give a fuck about.

Know why or what is happening to you. Whether it be good, bad or just need some understanding, This is a true enlightenment for your psyche.

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Enjoy and let the stars help you balance your life with understanding. Highly recommend!!! I was hooked to the app and it had become part of my daily regimen to read it!

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Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing and simplistic it is. All in all, great app!!! I love this app and it has been pretty much spot on, eerily so at times My only gripe is that after adding friends and family, I noticed that much of the phrasing between charts is identical.

I DO love the categorized readings as well as the descriptive positional blurbs at the bottom of each reading.

Also more in-depth interpersonal readings. It IS astrology though I understand that each and every chart is wholly subjective to each human person and experience.

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Aries Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope April 22-29 2019

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. We offer extensive compatibility readings for each two zodiac signs.

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Compatibility section covers love, friendship, business and family aspects of every combination of two zodiac signs. Zodiac yearly section covers the yearly horoscope for signs. Chinese Horoscope We provide yearly horoscope for all the Chinese signs: rat ox tiger rabbit dragon snake horse ram monkey rooster dog and pig.

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Please note that the Chinese horoscope follows Chinese calendar. Unlike many other horoscope apps we DO NOT require ridiculous permissions like location , phone state , address book etc We recommend avoiding apps that require these without proper justification. There are horoscope apps claiming they need your location to deliver you the horoscope. We urge you to review permissions carefully and uninstall apps that violate your privacy right away.

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