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Sabian Symbols: Mars Out of Bounds April-June 12222

Mars 1st 10 cap, Venus 2nd 22 cap,moon 2nd 4 aqua.

Out-of-Bounds Planets

I think this kind of energy needs a focus. And outlet. Cappy Mars is very capable. If you put it to use, maybe in an edge way, it might balance out other aspects of your life. See you all on the call…feels interesting! But it is good for you to do them, for your own research, so you can have a guide in seeing where the transits fall, for sure!

Is that all? Saves you uploading. But good for you to look at your transits and progressions, yes! Thank you for the call Kim, I really enjoyed it. From my Natal chart in terms of the topic you discussed on the call what do I need to do or look at or something else. The idea is to tune into the environment of the 2nd house, all that it represents and be open to appreciating that area of life, your talents, resources, core values. Connect with ways that you are self sustaining.

I then realized that I need to do that Paraliminal will read the instructions before listening to it. Paul Scheele. Though I have to admit I do still need help from a lot of people for financial miracles from a LOA point of view. Setting an intention now, for enjoying the adventure, appreciating the exhilaration of wind in my hair, and anticipating amazing expansion at every stage of the trip, no matter whether I can see it or not. Hi Olivia, if you pop your chart up in the gallery, we can take a look, here in the chat, or on the live call.

Shout out if you need a hand with the steps. Just go to the Gallery Upload Page and follow the steps. Do let me know if you have any trouble with the upload page, or joining the free, or full, membership. My birthday October 29, at am in Clovis, ca. My first Saturn Return is this December for only the month of December. Olivia, the free membership also includes access to the first course, Essential Astrology and the Law of Attraction.

Info here! It helps that in addition to the quindecile to Uranus and trine with Pluto, Venus is also sextile his Aquarius Ascendant which opposes Pluto. He had a history of aggression and was once arrested on charges of beating Pluto his girlfriend Venus. An out-of-bounds Mars is found in the natal chart of diplomat Henry Kissinger.

Considering the assertive nature of Mars, this might seem strange for someone who was recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in In actuality, Kissinger is an interesting mix. With a 1st-house OOB Mars in Gemini, he courageously negotiated diplomatic dialogues with heads of state in order to end aggressive conflicts such as the Vietnam War.

With Saturn also broadly conjunct his Libra Moon, he was able to make his lack of emotion work for him by asserting himself with peaceful words. Kissinger was thus able to summon great courage and overcome difficult obstacles in dealing with many tense political situations.

How To Heal An Out Of Bounds Planet

However, we now know that Kissinger also covertly initiated atrocities and violent acts in Vietnam. Nevertheless, out-of-bounds Mars is found more frequently in the charts of courageous or creative individuals and great leaders than it is in violent criminals. Individuals with an out-of-bounds Moon are usually very unique and independent people who enjoy their freedom and solitude. However, because the Moon represents the subconscious emotional imprint, its energy can be deeply felt by the native who has this luminary out-of-bounds.

This is often accompanied by an instinctive and irrational reaction of fear or suspicion. For instance, a client of mine with an out-of-bounds Moon in Taurus, desperately and tenaciously works for material success out of fear that she will end up like her father, a Pisces, who followed his dream but was financially unsuccessful.

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Sometimes the insecure feelings will manifest physically as health issues. Frequently, this comes in the form of food compulsivity or weight problems because of the subconscious link between food and emotional nourishment. A larger size or the insulation of weight can also unconsciously represent protection from any perceived threat. Her political paranoia and maternal over protection of White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, led to extreme measures.

Tripp taped intimate conversations that she had with Lewinsky about her affair with President Clinton for prosecutor Ken Starr.

According to Tripp, she feared that she would lose her job or be charged with perjury because she was being pressured by Lewinsky to be a team player and lie for the president in the case. Jupiter conjunct 2nd-house Venus-Moon and Venus quincunx Pluto in the 9th-house made the righteous subterfuge that much bigger. These planetary placements show the potential for zealous beliefs and a rigidly judgmental value system along with a subconscious desire for a powerful or prominent social position. In fact, in an interview in George magazine, Tripp admits to her judgmental inflexibility and states that she dreamed of working at the White House since she was eight years old.


With Venus square 4th-house North Node in Aries as part of the t-square to Neptune, she felt compelled to use the deceit for her own safety and self-preservation. The Venus trine to 9th-house Saturn and Mars in Virgo helped Tripp participate in the critical attack on the President who she felt was misusing both political and sexual power. This is especially true in her case with the Moon conjunct Venus. Venus quindecile Uranus in Cancer indicates that these issues may be rooted in some disruption of the basic home life in childhood that affected her sense of emotional security with others.

The Capricorn Moon often indicates a mother or caretaker who was more of a drill sergeant than a nurturer and Venus trine Saturn and Mars in Virgo can relate to a critical father. He deserted the family for another woman when she was still in high school and Linda suffered through the subsequent painful divorce of her parents.

She admits that she deals with the difficulties in her life through food, a symptom of her out-of-bounds Moon, and that she was horrified by how unattractive she looked. After being scandalized by the press and ridiculed by late night comedians, Tripp had expensive cosmetic surgery that was paid for by a supporter.

Considering the extreme emotional sensitivity of individuals with out-of-bounds Moon, the constant derision about her appearance must have been devastating for her. Consequently, she had two plastic surgeries to reconstruct her face, making her more attractive Capricorn Venus trine Saturn-Mars in Virgo , along with losing 30 pounds and having a total makeover to change her entire look.

Tripp was indicted by a grand jury for illegal wiretapping on July 30, when her solar arc directed Moon in Pisces opposed natal Saturn. Contacts involving the progressed or directed Moon are particularly important for people born with it out-of-bounds.

Venus Out of Bounds!!

These felony charges have since been dropped. However, Tripp is currently suing the White House and the Defense Department, her former employer, for leaking information to the press from her personal file for purposes of discrediting her. Her Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th-house cusp quindecile Jupiter in the 6th shows both the subconscious compulsion to eat, accompanied by the expanding physical size, and also the obsession with diet.

Oprah admittedly prefers the freedom of spontaneity and even refuses to set future goals because she feels it is too confining. The out-of-bounds Moon often reveals an overachiever who is unconsciously seeking success, prominence or material security as a substitute for the love and attention that was not received from the mother during childhood years, something that may have plagued both Oprah and Linda Tripp. Oprah was born illegitimate and poor in the Deep South.

At a young age, she was abandoned by her mother who went North to work and left to live with her grandmother. Oprah has tremendous drive and does the job of four people as she hosts a TV show, acts, spearheads a magazine, and runs her own production company, Harpo. It is no secret that she works long hours, sometimes hour days, and that she can be a hard driving worker obsessed with perfection. The 12th-house Moon in Sagittarius gives Oprah the need to tell the truth and an impetus to nurture and educate society spiritually.

She says a prayer before every show. Oprah is a truth seeker who listens to an inner voice and she has the ability to uplift and encourage others with her spiritual philosophy. On the boundary between the 11th and 12th houses, the Sagittarius Moon helps her to be a bridge bringing spiritual ideals 12th to many diverse groups 11th. She is an inspirational teacher to many.

She has said that it is the educational aspect of her TV show and the ability to change lives that she most enjoys. Characteristic of her out-of-bounds Moon, she never recognized or even considered that any of her challenging life circumstances might limit her in any way. She started her public speaking career reciting inspirational sermons in church at the remarkably young age of three and a half years old, part of the atypical expression of the out-of-bounds Moon in Sagittarius.

After years of codependence seeking to please others, a symptom of her childhood abandonment and the victimization of sexual abuse, she has learned to speak her truth and listen to her inner voice as well as her lunar instincts. Transiting planets can be significant activators for a natal out-of-bounds energy. This film project was her baby. Perhaps, the grief of a much older and deeper rejection linked with her out-of-bounds Moon was surfacing for her at that time.

As this article illustrates, out-of-bounds planets signify one important aspect of astrological interpretation, especially in relationship to psychological factors and the potential for achievement. Today, planetary declination positions are available as part of most astrology computer programs. For example, when Mars is out-of-bounds, its natural assertion and physical energy can become violently aggressive or produce extraordinary courage and physical abilities. The alluring charm and aesthetic beauty of Venus can produce extremely vain indulgence or exceptional artistic talent.

As I have illustrated here, always look at the chart as a whole along with the aspects that are formed with the out-of-bounds planet. Positive aspects can mitigate the potential for a dysfunctional expression of the out-of-bounds planet by directing the energy in more productive ways. Challenging aspects can increase the likelihood of more abnormal behavior.

The 1st-house Chiron conjunct North Node in Capricorn provided the opportunity for her to heal the lack of empowerment from childhood so that she could become a successful business maverick in the field of communications. Also, having more than one out-of-bounds planet in the chart increases the odds that the influence will be highly stressful. This is especially true when there are challenging aspects square, opposition, quindecile, quincunx between the two out-of-bounds planets, as in the case of Judy Garland.

Hopefully, this article has been an informative introduction to out-of-bounds planets that has also sparked your interest in declinations. There is certainly much more in this exciting world to explore. For example, even if a person does not have a natal planet out-of-bounds, through progression the Moon or planet may at some point step out-of-bounds.

Begin to utilize these elements in your chart interpretation and see what you discover.

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Remember, even though an out-of-bounds Moon or planet can be challenging, it can also indicate your most extraordinary qualities. By becoming conscious of out-of-bounds planets, you can tap into their unlimited potential.

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