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In love or business, if the relationship means a lot to you, you may be able to find a fix. There is one other way this could work out, and it is what ancient astrologers used to refer as ruthless competitors—people you can identify and possibly even see—who want what you have and will be fierce about going after what you have or soon will be given, such as a top job. As I said, the closer your birthday falls to October 27 within five days , the more likely you will be affected by this new moon.

If your birthday falls in November, this troublesome new moon may be falling too far away from your Sun.

If you have Scorpio rising at four degrees or have a natal moon or another natal planet in Scorpio at four degrees, you will see some sort of news. Keep your schedule light in the last week of October and protect your health. Adding more complexity to this new moon, Pluto and Mars, the two rulers of your sign, dear Scorpio and the sign of the new moon , will be at sharp odds to each other, making it harder to find a resolution. Pluto is in the third house of communication and agreements, and Mars will be in the behind-the-scenes sector, so there could be a revelation regarding something that has been hidden until now.

This is a new moon, not a full moon, and a new moon opens a path for discussion that takes time to complete. There is no indication that what you learn will be wrapped up quickly. It could take six months to solve, so take your time and be your usual meticulous self.

If you are single and dating, you will not feel the new moon as it seems to only affect those in serious, committed relationships in the romantic sense marriage or established relationships or business. Venus will be in Scorpio from October 8 to November 1, so take time to improve your appearance and stock up on new clothes for the coming season. Now is an ideal time to have a new haircut, for women to buy new makeup, or for my male readers to decide if you want to grow a beard and if so, how to shape it.

As the month starts, you will long for privacy and rest, for Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and new moon will crowd in your behind-the-scenes sector. Your insights will color and possibly change your outlook.

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Read the latest in astrological trends by Susan Miller. Your life in 3D: culture, style, Read this month's horoscope by Susan Miller. Select your sign for your. 5 days ago Your Horoscope by Susan Miller. It is the start of your birthday month, and the planets are gathering in your behind-the-scenes sector.

Early October could turn out to be a valuable time for you, for it may cause you to see your talents, possibilities, and future course with fresh eyes. Also, in early to mid-October, you may be working on a secret project, perhaps because the product or service will be later revealed and brought to market later. You will have exerted a lot of energy to finish off this assignment, but you may feel completely spent and not capable of doing much by the weekend of October Beg off social activities, sleep in both days, and spend quiet time on your favorite pastimes or by playing with children.

Doing yoga or gentle exercise might appeal, too. Venus will move into Scorpio for the first time this year, starting October 8 to November 1. Consider using this time to refresh your look with new clothes for the coming season, new makeup, and possibly a new signature scent. Within this period, your very best time to shop will be over the weekend of October , continuing to Monday, October 21, when Venus in Scorpio will receive silvery, sparkling beams from Neptune, the planet of imagination and dreams.

You will find madly flattering things at that time. There is another reason to choose your new items then, and not much later, for Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio from October 31 until November 20, but we always feel the impending slowdown of this planet of communication, logic, and analytical thinking far in advance of its official retrograde onset date. Once Mercury goes retrograde, it will be best to hold off on expensive purchases.

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Astrologers know it is considered a bad time to buy any electronic items or machines with moving parts, ruling out the purchase of a car, new smartphone, or computer. The October 27 new moon in Scorpio may bring a severe conflict with a romantic partner or business associate. The person involved will be someone close to you with whom you have made a significant promise and may have sealed the relationship by signing a contract at some point.

The episode will come out of the blue and will not involve something you would expect, and you may find out about it when you accidentally stumble over a clue.

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We'll lean toward emotional or heartfelt decisions. Thursday: Sagittarius Moon. And during this psyche-probing October, you can get down to the root cause, which will help you make lasting change. You may want to carry on with your normal work and shall remain sincere with your academic and preparation for imminent exams. In view of this have patience and be more alert in routine working.

If you live with a roommate, sweetheart, or spouse, one of you might be packing up and leaving in haste. If the relationship means a great deal to you, the less you say, the better. Additionally, during Mercury retrograde, some will speak without proper forethought.

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There is no predestination in astrology—the final result will be up to you. If you have been unhappy for a long time, the drama that ensues may be the final straw that breaks you apart.

Both sides have to truly want this relationship badly and be willing to save it. If you have always been supportive of each other, there is no difficulty that would be too great for love to mend. This could be a strenuous moment, so again, take care of yourself, for you always seem to be cast in the role of tending to the care of others.

Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! Your Horoscope by Susan Miller It is the start of your birthday month, and the planets are gathering in your behind-the-scenes sector. If you have always been supportive of each other, there is no difficulty that would be too great for love to mend This could be a strenuous moment, so again, take care of yourself, for you always seem to be cast in the role of tending to the care of others.

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Be in the know! We had a little hiccup because of the Jewish holidays. Some nembers of my staff are Jewish and wanted to be with family of course. We wish everyone a very happy celebration. We will posti within the hour. Guess what! I finished Pisces, and that means your October report is done. All I have to write is my Note from Susan Miller--I have some intriguing announcements so I hope you will be sure to read it.

We post tonight, October 1, and are in touch with our engineers. I saw pilot and loved it! About three women who have a modern, ripped from the headlines problem with a fertility clinic.

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Only one more sign to write, Pisces, so we will post tonight, October 1st. As is true with all new moons, the Sun and new moon arrive together, arm in arm at this time. The problem is, across the sky, Uranus will be in a tug-of-war position, at the same opposite degree of five-degrees Taurus, to directly oppose the Sun and new moon, causing unexpected shock waves. Taurus and Scorpio are found degrees apart on the horoscope wheel, or said another way, six months away from each other. I am not sure if your physical residence will be the focus, but if it is, you will hear unexpected news.

Your landlord might have sold the building, for example, and you could have to move soon. If you work with a contractor, workmen might find something in the walls needs to be urgently fixed before they can continue with your project.

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Alternatively, your landlord may raise the rent, more than you assumed he would or insist on a lease that runs longer or shorter than you had hoped. These are some examples, but you get the idea. If your focus is not on your home or other property, then alternatively, you may have a disagreement or difficult episode with a family member that you find unnerving. Something seems off, and when the incident comes up, it will come out of the blue, as is the nature of Uranus.

Or in a very different manifestation of this full moon, one of your parents may suddenly need help. There is no way to know what Uranus will do since the job of Uranus is to keep us on our toes and flexible.